Friday, December 18, 2009

Always be Happy - Good Morning sms

Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile...
Keep smiling

Good Morning

Every morning - Good Morning SMS

Every morning you have two choices:

keep sleeping and dreaming,


wake up and chase your Dreams

Choice is yours!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moments spent with - Friendship sms

Moments spent with a friend are brush strokes on the canvas of our lives. Just want to tell you, your friendship paints a very beautiful picture in my life.

One loyal friend - Friendship SMS

"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”

I may not be a clock - Friendship SMS

I may not be a clock that will text you 24 hours a day. But My heart will be like a clock that will not stop caring and remembering you always! Take Care!

You have known - Friendship sms

You have known me in Good and bad times , You have seen me When i was happy and when i was sad, You have watched me laugh and cry, Thank you for believing in me, For supporting me , And for always being there , Thank you for being A PERFECT FRIEND. And please, don;t forget I am with you always!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have lots of jokes funny sms jokes sms

I have lots of jokes in my inbox,
But I can’t send you all of them,
It will take a lot of time,
So I’m sending you just 1 joke
“You are so beautiful”


A baby mosquito - funny sms

A baby mosquito came back after its 1st bite fight.
Dad asked: “how did u feel?”
It replied: “Dad it was wonderful. evry1 ws clappin 4 me”

Moral: Take everything positively

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends never make - Friendship SMS

Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you. In fact friends only expect you to be you!
[ Anonymous ]

We are each of us - Friendship

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other.
[ lucian de crescenzo ]

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I would like -happy birthday sms

I would like to give you

On your birthday,

I would like to give you
some words of wisdom
listen carefully

oh, I mean read carefully
Smile while you still have teeth.

Many many happy returns of the day
May all your wishes come true
Happy Birth day to you

A lot of good steps - Happy birthday sms

A lot of good steps

A lot of good steps,
a lot of next years,
all of us wish you,
a lot of great things..

May all our wishes about you come true
Happy Birth day to you,
happy birthdya to you.

When you were born - Happy Birthday sms

You were crying

[ anonymous ]

You were crying when you were born.
And everybody was laughing there
As you live to blow a thousand candles,
live ur life humbly so that
you would be the one laughing when you die
and everybody else would be crying.

Happy Birthday

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love is like a friendship Love Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

[ Bruce Lee ]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dreams of You - Love Poems

Dreams Of You
[ serena ]

As I Say My Prayers
And Lay Down In My Bed
I Still Have Thoughts Of You
Running Through My Head
Then I Dream
You Hold Me In Your Arms
As In My Ear You
Whisper Your Sweet Charms
Then I Wake Up And The Tears
Start To Fall
For I Realized You Weren't
There At All
Maybe Someday This Dream Will Come True
And That Someone Will Realize
How Much I Love You !

[ serena ]

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My days without you - Love Poems

My days without you

[ Angel ]

My days without you,
are long and grim.
I never do anything unless it's on a whim.

My days without you,
are cold and bleak.
There are days I cry, and days I shriek.

My days without you,
are coming close to an end.
I can't wait to you once again.
I love you…

[ Angel ]

Monday, June 29, 2009

We can never obtain peace - Quotes

We can never obtain peace in the outer world
until we make peace with ourselves.
[ Dalai Lama ]

Sometimes one creates - Quotes

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying
something, and sometimes one creates as significant
an impression by remaining silent.
[ Dalai Lama ]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the love I have for u - Love poems

the love I have for u
[ allisia ]

Leaves may from green to gold
and the sky from blue to grey.
The time keeps changing too
from autumn, spring to winter.
People keep changing too,
but one thing
will never change
is the love
I have for you

[ allisia ]

As Time Flies By - Love Poems

As Time Flies By
[ Joey Manna ]

As time flies by
I stop to ponder
Stop to wonder
What it is I have done wrong

To end where I am
And ask myself then
What have I done right
To have met you

I long to look
Into your eyes
Like sparkling emeralds
Set into stars

I long to be with you
To hold your hand
And to have your heart

[ To Chelsea...

Joey Manna ]

Time pass by - Love Poems, Love sms

Without You...
[ Samuel Francisco ]

Time pass by as I watch its breeze,
My heart is in entropy and I can't feel the ease;
So many things I want you to know,
That without you my life can't go..

[ Samuel Francisco ]

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So many wonderful moments - father's day sms

So many wonderful moments
we have spent together,
So many wonderful years
in all kinds of weather,
Thinking of u father
brings memories to mind,
Wonderful moments
I will forever treasure,
I love u so dearly.
Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day

*Happy Fathers Day*

Pay My Regards To Ur Father Who Is Tolerating
Such A Dumb Duffer Child,, What A Stamina
he has Got.. I Salute Ur Father :P ;->
[ humayun ]

It is easier for a father Fathers Day SMS

It is easier for a father
to have children than
for children to have a real father.
I’m glad to have u dad, Happy Father's Day

Dad, your guiding hand

Dad, your guiding
hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They don't want us together - Love Poems

They [ melissa ]

*They don't want us together. But we're forever.
*They will never know the feelings in our hearts.
They came into our lives and tried to tear us apart.
*I love you. But they don't want me to.
*They can't keep us apart. We are not meant to part.
*They can't take you away. You are here in my heart to stay.
*They don't want us together. But we'll always be forever.

[ melissa ]

Two souls joined in heaven above - Love Poems

Forever As One
[ Elizabeth Gage ]

Two souls joined in heaven above
Two hearts bound by love.
I see the stars in your eyes,
My fire in the dark of night,
My strength and guiding light.
A deep love we hold
Never to die
Never again to be alone.
Closing my eyes I hear what you say
The oneness we became
Through all the hurt and pain
Never changing your loving ways
Together never to part.
Our love a gift from God above
Deep inside our hearts
Forever as one.

[ Elizabeth Gage ]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love is a force more - Love quotes, love sms

Love is a force more formidable
than any other. It is invisible -
it cannot be seen or measured,
yet it is powerful enough to
transform you in a moment,
and offer you more joy than
any material possession could.
[ Barbara De Angelis ]

There is no remedy - love sms, love quotes

There is no remedy for love
but to love more.
[ Thoreau ]

The most precious possession - Love sms quotes

The most precious possession that ever comes
to a man in this world is a woman's heart.
[ Timothy Titcomb ]

It is better to have loved and lost - Love sms quotes

It is better to have loved and lost
than never to have lost at all.
[ Samuel Butler ]

Love consists in desiring - Loce quotes, love sms

Love consists in desiring to give what is our own
to another and feeling his delight as our own.
[ Emanuel Swedenborg ]

What You Said - Love Poem, Lovw sms

What You Said
[ Kristi ]

When I said "I Love You",
you was startled and turned blue.

Then after our talk,
I understood you from your heart.

You didn't respond, but now I know
when you say those three words.

You are being the real you,
not just a fool like the rest.

Because you know I am different,
special and very blessed
not to have someone like the rest.

[ Kristi ]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beauty is not in the face - sms Quotes

Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart
[ Kahlil Gibran ]

If I say I love you Love Poems

I Love You
[ Kari ]

If I say I love you,
Would you say you love me too?
IF I say I miss you,
Would you say you miss me too?

If we ever got together,
Would it be forever?
I know that you say you love me,
But is it really true?

I just want to tell you,
That I love you too

[ Kari ]

I wish you knew - Love Poem

I Wish You Knew
[ Blakely ]

I wish you knew the way I felt
Every time I looked at you,
I wish you knew my heart would melt
When I thought of me and you,

I wish you knew the pain you caused
When you chose to love someone new,
I was about to tell you but I paused
When I tried to say, "I LOVE YOU"...

[Blakely loves Jonathan]

A thousand miles could come between us - Love Poems

Your love
[ Christina Marcum ]

A thousand miles could come between us
but I would still feel your love.
I would feel the warmth of your breath on my neck
and the safeness of your arms.
Your love would scale the highest reaches and float down from above.
The rivers would bring to me the calmness in your eyes.
The stars would shower me with the sparkle of your smile.
The rain would drench me with the tears we cried.
The wind would carry your scent back to me.
And I would always be here to give back all that I received.

[ Christina Marcum ]

When I am with You - Love poem, love sms

When I’m With You

When I’m with you,
I feel that nothing in the world can tear us apart,
I feel that when I’m with you,
you just melt my heart,
when I’m with you
I feel that I will love you forever,
when I’m with you
I will hate you never.


Friday, June 5, 2009

You don't know when - Love Poems

But it happens
[ Dawn ]

You don't know when,
You don't know how,
But it happens.
Things have changed,
Things are different,
But it happens.
You were happy,
You were sad,
But it happens.
Then you forgive,
Then you forget,
But it happens.
This is love,
And this is what happens.

[ Dawn ]

If only he knew - Love Poems

Only If He Knew

If only he knew the way I feel,
I would be able to heel, to heel
my wounded heart.
My one and only love, if you only knew,
knew what I knew when I saw you…
When I saw you for the first,
I thought you’re the one,
the one I love the most…
I thought wow so sweet, so kind, so me...
So what if you knew,
knew the way I honestly
and truly feel...


All truth passes through - sms quotes

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed. Second,
it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being
[ Arthur Schopenhauer ]

A friendship founded on business - Friendship quotes, sms quotes

A friendship founded on business
is better than a business founded on
[ John D. Rockefeller ]

Good people do not need laws - sms quotes

Good people do not need laws
to tell them to act responsibly,
while bad people will find a way
around the laws.
[ Plato ]

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I want it but I can’t have it - Love Poems, Love SmS

[michelle burton]

I want it but I can’t have it
maybe I’ll write you a letter
maybe that's better
but if you say never
my heart will break forever

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Love So True...

[Amanda Lee]

The only reason I wanted to live
Was to see your face and the joy you’d give
So proud and happy all of the time
You never would commit a crime
But then one day you up and went
Now my emotions are completely bent
I miss you now and am in pain
Just like the desert misses the rain
And just like the desert, my heart is dry
It’s so bad now I can’t even cry
I think of you all night and day
Our hearts connected in a special way
Our love was special and that is true
That’s why I can’t let go of you.

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I love you in the morning - Love Poems

I love you


I love you in the morning,
I love you at night
I love you when you're wrong
as much as when you’re right.
I love you when you’re up,
I love you when you’re down.
I love you when you smile
and I feel bad when you frown.
I love all the ways
you show me that you care.
I love the safe warm feeling,
knowing that you’re there.
I love you no matter
what you say or do.
And that’s why
all you ever hear out of me,
is that I love you…


Being in love - Love Poems

Being in love

I feel warm and safe besides you.
That's how I know were true.
Not enough words to describe
The love I hold inside.
I think to myself and say:
“I hope you’re here to stay,
‘Cause you’re the one who is there
Whenever I need some care”.


Monday, June 1, 2009

The day is bright - Love Poems

I Love You

The day is bright and you are too.
I need to say that I love you.

When the dark wind blows and many fear;
It's good to know that you are near.

The more I learn, the more I know
That in my heart, your love does grow

[ Lozzie ]

if you feel the same way - Love sms

I don’t know how, I don’t know why
and I don’t know if you feel the same way,
but there is only one thing I know for sure
and that is I love you
I love your deep eyes I don’t know
if they are green or brown,
but I do remember they are the nicest eyes I ever saw…

[ muriel ]

When you come near me - Love Poems

I love you

I want to be with you,
but you don t know I’m there.
I hope you know that I care.
I love you.
I’m invisible to your blue, blue eyes.
When I see those blue, blue eyes,
my spirit instantly begins to rise.
I love you.
When you come near me, I fear thee.
I fear your handsome looks.
Please find me, underneath all of these schoolbooks,
so that I can see your handsome, handsome looks.
I love you.
How I long to be with you.
Someone always say that we always want
what we can’t have .
And I want you.
I love you.